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For more than 25 years Vista Technology has been providing recruitment and placement excellence by connecting the right employees with the right companies for the Life Sciences industry.

One of our challenges has always been how to respond to those who have been referred to us who do not work in the industry we recruit for? How can we assist these folks in their job search? And what about those client candidates who do work within the Life Sciences industry but at this time we do not have an active search that fits their experience?

Introducing! will assist ALL job seekers, regardless of which Industry you work in (computers, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, etc.); what your Position is (accountant, buyer, engineer, IT, etc.); how many Years of Experience you have (entry level to Director to C-level); or where you are Located (United States or Overseas).

Are You Not Sure What Direction to Take in Your Job Search?

The "employment economy” today is presenting numerous challenges. You combine that with the skills and techniques needed in the 21st century to conduct a job search – where does one even begin? There are so many resources available today to job seekers; the process has become confusing, frustrating, and no doubt overwhelming.

The objective of is to centralize all the information you need to conduct a thorough professional successful job search. All the resources and the tools that you are looking for to "land" that next great opportunity are now no more than a click away.

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Our Resource Center will help you find the career opportunity that is just right for YOU!

Our Job Search feature pulls job listings from over ONE THOUSAND sites making our Career Portal, a “one stop shop” for all your job searches. But, we don't stop there! Unlike most job sites who give you many listings to review, our advanced search functions allow you to zero in on only the jobs that fit the specification you create.

Once you identify an opportunity of interest you can utilize our Resume Wizard to customize your resume and job objective to fit each specific job. This state-of-the-art system will guide you through the resume writing process. When you are finished, our Career Advisor will provide you with individualized advice on where you can improve your resume to impress hiring managers. You can also obtain 100 Resume Cards for FREE. The same size as a business card, they are perfect when networking and are the latest tool being used by job seekers.

We know it takes more than a great resume to beat out your competition, it is also important to interview well. Our Library is filled with the most current advice (articles, audios and videos) on how to effectively interview. So often, it is the person who aces the interview, not the most qualified person who gets the job offer. If you want to learn how to be that person, the information is contained in our library. You might want to also check our Calendar for the weekly FREE teleconference webinars we conduct on hot topics.

If you have not selected a particular career path, our site provides two FREE Assessment Tools that were designed by professionals who know what questions to ask to bring out your personality traits and priorities in order to match you up with possible careers. Often these are the careers that will provide you with the greatest chance of enjoyment and advancement.

If you need additional training to start or advance your career we are here to help you with that too! Our Resource Center is filled with many Campus and on-line Educational Opportunities and FREE Trade Publications.

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Do you want To Learn the Secrets of Acing an Interview and Landing your Dream Job? We know how frustrating it can be when you “knew” you were the perfect person for a job and yet it was offered to someone else! Often it’s not the most qualified person who gets the job; it’s the person who aces the interview. Imagine the competitive advantage you would have if you knew:

    • • The best questions to ask during an interview?

    • • How to target jobs that are not advertised?

    • • How to answer the most difficult interviewing questions?

  • • What it takes to get your resume to the top of the stack?

All of this and more in our released E-book (also available as a physical copy).

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• Is your job search passive or active?

• Are you looking to advance your career?

Register to receive our e-MAIL series titled “Tips and Secrets”. Cover Letters to Resumes; Interviews to Salary Negotiations; and yes even Job Security – Is there such a thing? All of these topics and more will be covered.

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As you review this information and use these tools, your conclusion may be that you need a more "directed" approach to your job search. You have been searching for a new opportunity and at this time feel you can not go at it alone anymore. Sending out resumes is just not working; you are not confident about your interviewing skills; you need a fresh start – a new direction and someone who can provide you with the guidance and counseling to get you the position you are looking for with an offer you can accept.

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Are you considering relocating to a new area to expand your job search or to accept an offer? What community would best meet you and your family needs? This section includes information on finding a home or an apartment, relocation tips, a relocation checklist and more. How do you craft a CV/ resume? What is the professional way to resign your position? What is a counteroffer? In this section, you will also find articles that will help you answer those questions.

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We hope your time spent visiting was productive and informational. This website was thought out and designed with you - the job seeker in mind and should offer you 100% of the resources you need in ONE place. Your thoughts, feedback and of course suggestions are welcome by emailing

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