It is important to find an expert who KNOWS and UNDERSTANDS the job market and what it takes to ace out your competition.

Who Can You Trust?

If you are not happy with your current job or are unemployed, who can you turn to for advice? You obviously can not discuss your intentions with your boss or co-workers because it could jeopardize your current position. You can not talk to family or friends because they understandably will not be totally objective.

Why Are We Good At This?

• We spend most of our time placing people in jobs

• We work with hiring authorities on a daily basis

• We consistently negotiate job offers

We stay informed of trends in the job market

• We are experienced, effective and intuitive

• We are also great listeners and problem solvers

What Will Be Some Of The Subjects We Cover In Your Sessions?

• Attitude

• Cover letters

• Your resume

Social networking

• How to master the art of “auditioning”

• Follow-up

What Are The Benefits Of Our Job Coaching Sessions?

• 100% objective

• 100% confidential

• Provide specific action items

• Advice and insight you won’t find anywhere else

• Convenience of scheduled teleconference sessions (early evening and / or Saturday mornings) vs in-house office visits

• Group sessions or individual

Please fill in the information form below (subject line - Job Coach) or call 978.686.2200 for more information.

Phone: 978.686.2200


Phone: 978.686.2200



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